What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In A Hotel?

What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In A Hotel?

There are many different jobs available to those who wish to work for a hotel. For example, there are general managers, who oversee all business functions, from budgets to customer satisfaction. Then there is the revenue manager, who takes care of the finances. Another example is the front office manager, who supervises the desk clerks and coordinate the reservations.

The opportunities are endless! That said, regardless of whichever job you chose to apply for, you will need to meet certain qualifications.

What it takes to be a hotel manager

A hotel manager needs to have certain skills in order to handle everything that comes with the job. People-skills are the most important when you are working in a hotel, and it is important to know how to satisfy the needs of both employees and customers. Imagine if you’re working for one of the best hotels in Tasmania, and you can’t keep your customers happy! It would be a disaster. Having listening skills will help the hotel managers to understand what the concerns of the guests are. In addition, with problem-solving skills, you have the judgement to choose the best action to take in order to solve the issues that arise. The ability to guide and motivate the staff, resolve conflicts and take on responsibility is essential for a manager in this role. The hotel managers are juggling everything from budgets and schedules to human resources, which is why having organisational skills is another must. The hotel managers in the executive positions are also required to have a level of knowledge in accounting, computer systems and administration.

The education requirements

Most managers that work at full-service hotels need a bachelor’s degree in hotel management or hospitality. The hotels that have fewer services can hire candidates with just an associate’s degree, although there are more than 500 schools that are offer training within hotel management – so you should try to educate yourself. Hotel management programs require you have done a course in administration, accounting electronic reservation systems, economics, marketing, housekeeping, food or beverage maintenance.

Training and experience

Working in a hotel is not the kind of job that you can claim you’re an expert in, right after you’ve finished a degree in an undergraduate school. Most owners prefer workers to have on the job experience, preferably within several different positions. For example, a desk clerk may end up getting promoted to chief area clerk, then onto a front office manager, then to promotions and sales then onto the hotel manager. The employers will often keep the reserve management training spots for the people who are college-educated. If the candidate is able to show great potential in leadership and has a few years experience – you may be moved into an assistant manager job. You also need sales experience. If we use the example of the Tasmanian hotel before, think about the experiences the hotel would offer – and that you need to sell them. I think we went on a helicopter flight over wineglass bay, and we only did that because the hotel manager sold it to us so well!

Job outlook

Research has shown that the jobs for the hotel managers will grow from 2016 to 2026, but it is growing slower than the percentage for other types of jobs. Within the tourism industry, the hotel area seems like it will move towards more limited-service properties with fewer amenities to manage. It seems hotel operators are hiring fewer managers and giving more responsibility to teams, in order to cut the costs. Your employment prospects will be better at the smaller hotels that have fewer competitors for the management openings. Of course, the candidates with a four-year degree in hotel management will be given top priority for the jobs, especially in big hotel chains.

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