How to pack delicate clothing for a holiday

pack delicates

So, your off travelling! Did you know that some fabrics travel better than others? In some cases, you might just think “let’s leave the delicates at home when travelling”. But whether you are going to a wedding venue in Tasmania or a formal event in Greece – you might need to pack delicate fabrics. Don’t worry, there are a few items that can make it easier to travel with delicate fabrics and one of the most commonly used items is a garment bag. This bag helps to keep the delicate fabrics and items such as silk sleepwear protected against snagging, rubbing and moisture. This is the reason why dry-cleaning clothing comes back to you in those plastic covers. Friction can cause fabric to wrinkle and covering the items in plastic means that there is less friction. You can buy these for cheap and they work well when you are travelling. You may also be surprised to find that some items delicate are actually machine washable such as washable silk pajamas so these can be easily packed for your special holiday.

Silk and tissue paper can also keep your fabrics in order and well protected. You may notice shops often place delicate fabrics in tissue paper and this works when travelling no matter how far you are going.

The packing techniques

There are a few packing tips that you can use to make sure that your delicates stay well protected. It is important to not jam your suitcase completely full. You can pack your clothes quite snug but when you jam them in it increases the risk of them getting wrinkled and damaged. You can layer the garments over each other to add padding for protection. Keep the delicate clothing from wrinkling by placing them with cushiony items like knit shirts and jumpers. Also, make sure you check with the authorities when you pack your bag! You don’t want to get in trouble.

Satins and silks

Silk and satin are soft materials however they seem to snag and wrinkle up easily. If you have silk pajamas or shirts you need to bundle them around flat objects you do this by laying the flat object on top and then pull the sleeves around the item. This will leave you without any crease and very minimal wrinkles. Sandwich satin dresses and silk ones among each other this will shield the silk dress from snagging and getting all wrinkled.

Cashmere and wool

This stuff is great for travelling during winter, for example to a luxury day spa, and doesn’t crease easily however they snag very easily. In order to keep the wool material from snagging then your best bet is to put them in a plastic dry-cleaning bag before you place then into the garment bag and into the suitcase. If there are small crease lay them flat once you are settled in the motel or apartment and they should come back to normal.

Delicate embellishments

Here is where you can use the tissue paper to protect clothing that has delicate features like beading, lace and sequins. Tissue paper aids in preventing other clothes from rubbing up against the features which can cause the beads and sequins to fall off and get snagged on everything.

Just because they are delicate and fragile doesn’t mean you cannot take them with you and look your absolute best. All you need to do is take a little more care when it comes to loading delicate items into your suitcases. By following the tips above you can be sure to travel wherever you want and be able to keep your delicate fabrics well protected and free from wrinkles and creases. 

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More Hotels Opt-in For Netflix

netflix at hotels

For many people that are fans of digital media tech, the Netflix story often seems very exciting and interesting. The same goes for business owners, of course! Hospitality management experts can inspire guests with paid on-demand entertainment. Usually, entertainment options such as Netflix is a great way of having a memorable stay at the hotel. However, you can only get Netflix services by subscribing to a plan.

Here are some reasons why many hotels are using Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a media service that offers audio and visual content streaming for subscribers. The company has about 154 million subscribers, and it’s available to internet users. While streaming Netflix, subscribers can access other on-demand entertainment such as movies and tv-shows. Normally, unlimited viewing with this service requires internet-enabled devices and regular payments. 

According to Netflix CEO (Reed Hastings), there are three membership plans. While the standard plan offers HD quality images, the cheapest subscription comes with the basic plan. Additionally, the premium plan is the best for a hotel because it provides more services.

How Can Hotels Sign Up For Netflix?

Apart from watching Netflix channels on the hotel’s TV, guests can stream on their laptop or on their phone, if they have the right phone accessories. Live streaming enthusiasts and young travellers can watch blockbuster shows. Also, award-winning TV series, documentaries, news, movies, and music videos are available on-the-go. With a Netflix membership plan, it’s easy for hotel managers to exceed the expectations of their guests.

  • Open a web browser (like Chrome or Opera), visit
  • Save money by choosing the ‘Join Free for 1 Month’ option
  • Review a suitable package by clicking the ‘See the Plans’ button
  • Get a streaming plan, and proceed to the next step
  • Create a Netflix account with the hotel’s username and password

Choose your favourite payment option for the streaming plan. This step is not to charge for the free one month access, but subsequent subscriptions. Provide your payment details, and enjoy Netflix videos during the one-month membership plan.

Why Are Many Hotels Using Netflix?

Most hotel guests like to see adult entertainment videos. It’s not a hassle because the Netflix platform is a reliable on-demand technology for travellers. When reputable hotels promote the culture of convenience for guests, it expands the business. Normally, the comfort of guests should be a top priority for hoteliers, and management of hospitality businesses. Personally I’m obsessed with Netflix and I love when hotels offer it. I even got one of those phone holders for cars so that I could watch my shows when I’m in an Uber.

Ease of Use

Many hotels have Netflix because other competitors (like Hulu, Spotify, HBO, and HBO Go) offer less value. When people have access to on-demand entertainment, they can take charge of what they watch. Also, Netflix allows streaming with game consoles, tablets, PC, smart TV, and phones.

Strategic Partnership

Enseo is an in-room entertainment service company that uses a similar technology with Netflix. With the Enseo device that works like a TV system, hotel guests can enjoy customized viewing of online content. Many hotels are optimizing this partnership deal between Enseo and Netflix.

Netflix’s mobile app is easy to install. You can integrate both Enseo and Netflix’s app with the hotels. Usually, Enseo’s hardware comes with in-room remote controls that have buttons to use Netflix services. However, guests could pay extra money for in-room internet if they need to enjoy the unlimited services of Netflix.

Netflix Helps To Boost Customer Engagement

Keeping your guests engaged with HD quality images and clear sounds from Nextflix is a great way of building your hotel brand. Viewers indulge in binge-watching of Netflix movie series with on-the-go access on mobile apps. While staying at a luxury hotel, viewers can enjoy an awesome experience. 

However, there could be moments when guests need to catch up with new blockbusters. It’s seamless to view the previous episode of favourite TV series with Netflix. Usually, Netflix services allow subscribers to use the auto-play function. With this Netflix auto-play function, hoteliers can engage their guest effectively.

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